Net Generation ELT

The Rome Tennis Center at Berry College is excited to be hosting several Net Generation ELT Tournaments this fall!

An ELT(Entry Level Tournament) is and introduction to match play for players that can serve, rally, and score.  ELT’s are non-elimination, shorter  duration events, with players expected to play for 2-4 hours.  The 10U Division uses an orange ball on a 60 foot court with a maximum 28” racquet, and 14’s-18’s use a yellow ball on a full court.  This allows players to test their individual game and play multiple matches at their level all while making friends along the way!  These events will allow players to compete in a way that makes them feel comfortable and will help them have fun in a low pressure environment!

USTA Membership is not required for Net Generation ELT Tournaments

Entry Fee is $13.00

  • Matches are played in a round robin format
  • Scoring Format will be determined by the number of entries and may be Short Sets (first to 4 games with No-Ad); Best 2 out of 3 Short Sets (Tiebreak to 7 in lieu of third set); or Timed Matches
Upcoming Net Generation ELT Tournaments:

Saturday, December 15, 2018 (Entry Deadline:  Dec. 12th)

Register Today via USTA’s Tennislink:  Tournament ID# 700147518

*** Please note that while a USTA Membership is not required to play in these tournaments you will need to create a player profile in order to register on-line.    Once you have created a player profile and been assigned a number you can then register for the tournament.   Players under 13 will require a parent to create a profile for them.   Parents will have to create their own profile prior to creating a profile for a child.

Create your profile today!

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the courts!

Questions or Concerns:   Contact Tom Daglis –