Program Info – Junior & Adults

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Junior Programming:


ROGY Junior Development

Ages 6-12 years old. The ROGY Junior Development program consists of the new USTA Junior program. The philosophy of the instructional style is fast paced, fun, games based approach, with a focus on Health & Wellness. The programming adds excitement and enjoyment for the kids as they learn through a progression of drills and games specific for each level of play. The Rome Tennis Center teaching staff brings loads of energy and knowledge with an environment for kids to realize and attain their potential.

  • Ages 6-8 years old: Mondays & Wednesdays (4:30-5:30PM)
  • Ages 9-12 years old: Tuesdays & Thursdays (4:30-5:30PM)
  • 1X Per Week = $12.00  /  2X Per Week = $20.00
  • All classes must be paid on a weekly basis!

JAT – Junior Advancement Training

Ages 11-18 years old. Designed for players needing an emphasis on stroke production, consistency, and variety with placement. A sound tennis foundation is stressed, along with a complete introduction to the philosophy of the game. This program is perfect for those kids playing School Team Tennis. Players will maximize their time on court focusing on key aspects of their game.

  • Ages 11-18 years old: Monday – Friday (5:00-6:30PM)
  • 1X Per Week = $17.00  /  2X Per Week = $32.00
  • 3X Per Week = $45.00  /  4X Per Week = $56.00
  • All classes must be paid on a weekly basis!

JETA – Junior Elite Tournament Academy

Ages 12-18 years old. Acute tournament training for performance. Strategy, tactics, tennis psychology, footwork, conditioning, match game plans for singles and doubles play, are all included. Entry for the JETA Program needs to be approved by the RTC Teaching Staff. Players are expected to compete in USTA sanctioned tournaments. Chaperoned RTC travel teams will be formed to facilitate tournament scheduling and logistics. Players are required to participate in the Serve, Stroke, & Volley Ability testing each month, to measure improvement.

  • Ages 12-18 years old: Monday – Friday 4:30-6:30PM
  • 1X Per Week = $24.00  /  2X Per Week = $45.00
  • 3X Per Week = $65.00  /  4X Per Week = $83.00
  • All classes must be paid on a weekly basis!


Learn To Play:

  • 4 classes in 1 month = $48.00 / 8 classes in 1 month= $96.00
  • For beginner players learning the basics of tennis. Breaking down every shot and fun for everyone! Learn the System 5 of beginner tennis.

Power 90 Intermediate:

  • 4 classes in 1 month = $68.00 / 8 classes in 1 month = $122.00
  • Quick pace, great workout, with different types of situational drills/games. Allows you to experience all aspects of different classes all in one session.

Power 90 Advanced:

  • 4 classes in 1 month = $68.00 / 8 classes in 1 month = $122.00
  • Fast pace, high intensity, and lots of cardiovascular drills/games. Situational drills that will keep you moving and hitting throughout the entire class. Guaranteed to hit 400+ balls in one class!

Adult League Team Practices:

  • Schedule is based off of team availability
  • 4 practices / 4 weeks = $68.00 per person
  • Team doubles strategy teaching players proper positioning, shot selection, strategy, and much more! There is always something new and unique to learn in doubles. Pro’s will monitor match play   during each practice session giving tips & pointers.

Cardio Tennis:

  • 4 classes in 1 month = $48.00 / 8 classes in 1 month= $96.00
  • Open to all levels of play. Cardio vascular drills specifically designed to give you a great workout. Cones, ladders, and music to bring the class to life!