Superior Lighting Solution for Courts

Posted on January 20, 2016 and filed under Construction

tennis lightThe Tennis Center of Rome at Berry College features Center Court Pro Fixture lighting. The lighting is designed to provide unmatched performance, precise lighting control and minimum light spillage.

– Highest efficiency reflector so more light makes it to the playing surface while giving unparalleled full cutoff control

– Premium anti-reflective glass for the highest level of transmittance available

– Aircraft grade aluminum housing and super durable electrostatically applied powedercoat finish for exceptional fixture life in the harshest of environments

– Vertical burn lamp placement and specular reflector for the highest efficiency in both light output and lamp life

– Fewer fixtures and poles achieve the required light levels

– The six, NCAA-regulation courts will feature MUSCO high-mast sports lighting (100 foot-candle)

– Better efficiency means less energy and lower electricity coss, making it better for the environment

Custom Design Lighting  Specifications for Rome Tennis Center

Photometrics:  The photo-metrics of the vertical burn is far superior to the flood system using the same number of 1000 watt fixtures. The vertical burn has an average foot candle read out of 70-75 (this is with a 25% light loss factor) and an average max to min of 1.29-1.36 , this being a nearly perfect ratio between the lowest lighting on the court and the highest level of lighting on the court. The reason that this system can get such consistent readouts is because of the optimal placement of the light poles on the courts. In comparison, the flood light system with the same number of fixtures has an average foot candle read out of 35-49 with the max to min  being 1.58-4.93 which is obviously much less consistent.

Aesthetics of System:  The Techlite vertical burn system is a much more aesthetically pleasing system, giving the tennis center a country club feel.

Pole Heights:  The pole height of this system is 27′, which avoids the stadium feel and virtually keeps all lobs under the lights.  The flood pole lighting would be around 40’ minimum to achieve the right court lighting for this facility.

Glare & Environmental Sensitivity:  Based on the 27’ pole height and the vertical throw of the luminaries from the fixture, the players are not blinded by the glare from these poles.  Also, the lighting stays on the courts and does not cast the luminaires outward beyond the court areas, thus being sensitive to the surrounding community.

Maintenance and Accessibility:  The maintenance cost of the vertical burn system will be far less than the flood system. To replace a vertical burn lamp  will only require a small scissor lift that can be brought directly onto the court and straight up to the fixture. On the other hand, the flood light system will require a boom-type lift that will need to be driven around the outside perimeter of the courts which of course will be a more costly process and may also potentially damage landscaping etc.

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